Saturday, March 21, 2009

McKenzie Bonner and the Prom 2009

I have to show everyone these pictures of my daughter. Jr. Prom 2009! A day that Kenz will remember forever.

She was so excited for this day to come. At 10:00 am they went on a "Day Date". When I was in High School we never did a day date, or movies after the prom. It took all day for me to get ready. But now there are alot more conviences. There is so much money going into the Prom it's kinda scary. So she had to be home for Cobi to do her hair, do her make-up, and then the dress, she really didn't have much time to get ready. I feel kinda bad for Cobi, Kenz was so nervous, and she just didn't like anything. She didn't like her hair, I was going to do her make-up, but she didn't want me to touch her, she got upset at Max, and I didn't know if she was going to explode... But Michael came, and they left for Dinner. Tom and I met them at the gym and she was completely "Walking on Air!" I haven't seen Kenz this happy for a long time..But tonight she was HAPPY!! Of course, I just had to cry when Tom was dancing with Kenz, but Tom had a tear in his eye also. You can see these pictures and my family was very happy! I felt so complete tonight, all is good at my house!

Michael Loves the Red Sox! It was so hard for Tom to give a boutonniere with Red Sox stuff. At our house, it's a Yankee House... Of course there are exceptions- Michael is a great guy and made McKenzie happy.

McKenzie Kimberly Bonner and Michael Davis

went to the Prom, and it was a good day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Grandpa Dan and Grandma Jeanine. It was and still is hard that grandpa died. When I was growing up, my dad worked in Vegas, so grandpa took care of my stuff. He went to my ballgames, took me to Rodeos, and hunting. He loved being outdoors, he was never cold, and he would always help anyway he could. McKenzie was with them everyday. They took such good care of Kenz, she was potty trained by 14 months. Pa would read to her everyday, do the abc's, and take her to 7-11 for slurpees. He was such a smart, generous, loving man. He is still so deeply missed. Gram misses Pa so very much.
I still can't believe they were married for 50 years, when they got married, Gram was only 14... She is living in Heber, and I go over everyday to see if she needs anything. I owe both of them so much for all they did for me, and much more for all they did for McKenzie.

My parents, they are such a cute couple.

A Picture of my Great-Grandparents. On the left my Grandpa Norm's Parents. On the right my Grandma Zenda's Parents. When I was little, I loved to go see them. I would go with gram to see grandma Tilly. She was a character. She had amazing roses, all colors. She loved Wendover and Christmas. Grandpa Ted would peel apples and core them for me. He was so tall, but so gentle with me. I remember going to see grandpa Lawerence in the rest home, and he would make blue cows out of play dough for me. Grandma Leila let me do anything I wanted, even eat frozen orange juice.

These are my grandparents. Norm and Zenda Edwards, the most caring people I will ever know. They will do anything for you, just to make sure you're OK. Pa has a bad heart and it is much easier for him to breathe in St. George. They have a home in St. George and one in Heber, in the winter down to St. George and in the summer they are in Heber. My gram is so beautiful, she has such a big heart, and I want to look just like her in my 70's.
I just want everyone to know where I come from, and I hope I can carry on the legacy of my grandparents and my Parents....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

OK so the Broncos's fired the coach! Finally! Maybe next year we can win games that we lost. We were three games ahead of the Charger's and we lost all three. I love the Broncos! Me and my mom went to Denver when I was a Senior in High School. I fell in love with them and I still am a Broncos Fan! GO BRONCOS!!!

Just after Christmas we went to see the Temple Lights. Austin, Kenz's friend went along. Kenz was so nervous about Austin going with us. No teasing! I want to make Austin feel comfortable with our family. We really like Austin, he treats Kenz with respect, and that is what Tom and I want. Max wouldn't leave Austin alone, he kept saying "Kenz and Austin" sitting in a tree, k-i-s-i-n-g first comes love, then comes marriag, then comes a baby to make it three. So Austin gave Kenz a heart engraved on saying "Kenz and Austin sitting in a tree."

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Pictures

There are three blogs, but they are all of Family Pictures that we did today. I truly love everyone in my family, we all have quirks, but that is what Family is all about. I am so proud of my mom and dad, they do so much for us. My mom works so hard, but she always has time for us.

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My sisters-
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All the Grandkids

All of us Girls
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